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Health and Safety

Common disease controls-

  • Hand washing – Keeping hands washed/sanitised on a regular basis, to keep us and our customers safe. Regular sanitation before and after each order, deliveries and daily tasks.

  • Social distancing- Contact free deliveries and collections, keeping both the delivery driver and recipient as safe as possible.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is considered the last line of defence and should only be used either when other controls are not practicable or in addition to other controls.

  • Self isolation: (If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for covid19)

  • Following all up to date covid guidelines to ensure everyone is safe.

  • Cleanliness - We clean our premises on a regular day to day basis to ensure all equipment has been disinfected.

Customer safety-

  • Floral arrangements may contain sharp items. We try our best to cover these however when caring for your flowers please be extra careful when handling things such as (wired butterflies, Celebration tags, business cards etc). Keep away from children

  • Flower food - Keep away from children, DO NOT EAT.

  • Water hazard: Some arrangements contain water, please be careful when handling. 

  • Covid-19: If you or you know the recipient has been feeling unwell or has tested positive, please contact us to re-arrange delivery/collection. Thank you for your understanding, we want to make sure we keep us and customers as safe as possible.

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