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Lullabelles Floristry - privacy policy & data protection

This privacy policy explains how Lullabelles Floristry use and protect information that has been provided by our customers.

What information is collected and how is the information used?

Your name, contact information and payment details - this is to help process your order and to obtain payment. Providing contact information such as a mobile number helps to carry on with the highest standard of customer service on offer. This information also helps with internal record keeping.

Third party information (postal codes, preferences, recipient information) - this is to help improve general customer orders (specific colours/flowers etc) and services such as delivery. To help provide such a brilliant delivery service the recipients name and address and preferences are required. 

Other information relevant (subscribers etc) - Information such as your name and email address will be taken. Once subscribed you will receive regular offers and discount codes, or exciting events that you may be interested in. You may also receive an occasional survey to help with market research purposes and customer feedback.


All information gathered is secure. Lullabelles Floristry will always go above and beyond to prevent unauthorised access. Customer information will not be shared via third parties unless stated by the customer/until payment is confirmed. All payment methods are secure and safe to use. Lullabelles Floristry provides our customers with the best quality care and service as the priority. All information is secure and safe and procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised access. 

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